Vegan Winter Snow Boots

When you're in the cold wouldn't you want a nice pair of vegan winter snow boots?  I've gone hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the winter in a pair of boots not made for the winter cold and can tell you it's not a lot of fun!

It all seems ok in the beginning when you feel the chill creep in to your toes.  Then after about 30 minutes, you almost feel your toes go numb and finally they start to sting!  Now do you want your feet to freezing or would you rather them all nice and snug in some winter boots made of vegan materials?

Winter Snow Boot Benefits

  • Warmth - your feet will thank you.
  • Protection - peircing cold causes numbness so your feet can't feel what they're causing instability.
  • Cruelty free - no animals are harmed so they will thank you also!

So do yourself a favor and the next time you're in a blizzard looking down at those boots, it's not only you that they're helping!

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